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Hey do you want the formula that breaks down how I get at least 37,000 visitors per blog post

  Hey! They all follow a similar format. And you know what, it's not out of coincidence, it's for a reason. Because that formula helps me generate at least 37,000 visitors per blog post. Do you wanna know that formula on how I write the perfect blog post?  Today I'm gonna share with you, how to write a blog post from start to finish. Now, I have a question for you: How many of you have written a blog post before? If you have, leave a comment with "yes". If you haven't, leave a comment with "no". Because you know what, whether you have written a blog post before or you haven't, and I'm still curious about how many of you write one, I'm gonna share with you the perfect formula that I follow for my blog. It works for a B2C, B2B, a personal blog or a a corporate blog, it works for everything. I kid you not, it is the best formula out there. First tip:  Start with a title. Don't just start writing a blog post, unless you have the exact tit

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